Endorsements for Four-Eleven!

In Four-Eleven! Planes, Pulaskis and Forest Fires,  Rich Faletto has shared several missing pages with us about fire suppression activities in the Chelan District that go back to the 1940’s.  No other writer has addressed this subject, and therefore his work is extremely important for historical purposes.  Whether you are a member of the US Forest service, family, friend or lover of the out of doors, this book will take you high into the back country above Lake Chelan and even higher into the skies over the Cacades.”



-Bob Sheehan, Chelan District Ranger

U.S.F.S., Chelan, Washington



“Four-Eleven! is an entertaining and exciting book about repairing trails, fighting fire and flying on fire patrol with the U.S.Forest Service.  It is also a very important work that has recovered and preserved missing historical data about Forest Service Operations in the Lake Chelan valley dating back to the 1940’s.  Get ready to relive some interesting adventures in the high Cascades above Stehekin.”



-Linda Martinson, Board Member

Lake Chelan Historical Society,

Chelan, Washington



If you ever wondered what it would be like working for the U.S. Forest Service on a Trail Crew, fighting fire or flying on fire patrol missions in the back country, this is the book for you.  Rich takes us back to a time when this business was as much an adventure as it was hard, and sometimes dangerous work.  Four-Eleven brings the reader a new element of interest, excitement and drama about the Chelan Ranger District of the Wenatchee National Forest.”



-Bill Moody, Former Manager

North Cascades Smokejumper Base

Winthrop, Washington


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